Our Mission

A good life.

At St. Joseph’s we believe that the highest purpose of education is to foster goodness in the fullest sense — yes, of course moral goodness — but also goodness as excellence, and even as beauty.

Our pedagogical approach is shaped by a serious and concrete commitment to Catholic anthropology, which holds a profound respect for the breadth of the human genius, and its wide range of excellences — ( i.e., not only academic ones) — together with a careful attention to the universal aspects of human life. Our aim at SJJ is to help each of our boys toward the living of a deeply good life — both in general, and in particular, corresponding to their unique characters as individuals.

This aim is reflected uniquely and concretely in our:

  • 6:1 student-faculty ratio
  • bi-weekly 1-on-1 advising for each student with their core teacher
  • varied and personalized pedagogical approach
  • presentation of a vast variety of vocational paths in life, with active dialogue and discernment around this topic from year 1
  • already offering, in our first year, 13 different “extra-curricular” opportunities in sports, arts, and other pursuits, while at the same time intentionally avoiding filling the entirety of boys’ days and weeks with programmed activity and homework.

Leading young men in a life of beauty, adventure and excellence.