A perennial human education guided by classical, Catholic, and folk traditions in the humanities, the sciences, and manual arts.

Teaching young men outside of the Catholic church.

All-boys education from grades 7-11 (adding 12 in 2024) with a focus on male teachers and mentors.

An independent school in the Catholic tradition. Morning Mass.


An unsurpassed level of 1-on-1 attention to academic and human formation.

University-level offerings in science, math, and humanities. Instruction, practicums, and apprenticeships in the manual arts.

Military-style athletic training. Team and individual sports.


Pursuing Wisdom

We believe that the formation of the Christian student should be primarily a call to pursue higher things, a “leading out” (educare in Latin) from the limitations of ignorance and error to the freedom of the human person that is enjoyed through knowledge and being rightly ordered in all things. 

This, in a word, is wisdom. It is the love and pursuit of wisdom that occupies the first place in the order, as Proverbs 4:7 tells us, and it is training and equipping for wisdom that is the proper function of the school.

robust physical training regimen

Our Method

Our method is in accord with the time-tested methodologies of classical schools that were the hallmark of Christian culture from the fall of Rome until recent memory, relying heavily on studying the original works of the great masters, saints, and scholars of antiquity. 

Our program prioritizes a robust physical training regimen, and we aim to incorporate as much as possible the many skills of the fathers in the community to give the young men maximal opportunity to experience different trades and practical arts and develop valuable skills that will be immediately profitable to them in their vocations as they enter adulthood. 

Whether they are learning the fundamentals of building and construction, creating artisanal crafts, or employing tools in mechanical applications, we believe these practical arts are essential to the process of true education by bringing their use of the intellectual and imaginative powers into tangible expression in material reality and inspiring young men to step into their vocation as creators and providers in fulfillment of the Divine Image which they bear.

Leading young men in a life of beauty, adventure and excellence.